widia linear bumper plants first version
widia linear bumper plants second version

Pos. A
High tech flash welding machine, suitable for welding the cap to the radiator through a 300 A transformer, once welded the radiator moves to the cutting area where the welding burrs are removed.

Pos. B
ESSP type with aerial crane controlled by a brushless engine suitable for piking the radiator from the welding machine and taking it in the different working stations, such as:

  • Lower wing grinding for the removal of casting burrs.
  • First CNC unit for head roughing with burrs cutter.
  • Burrs cutting group lower radiator area.
  • Second CNC unit for head finishing with casting burrs cutter.

Pos. C
Sides grinding belt, complete with tracks, pushers, mechanical and pneumatic stuff and with a gear motor.
A special chain is included with racks and a pusher group, on mechanical working line feeding belt complete with mechanical and pneumatic stuff and pieces unloading slide. The belt has n. 3 grinding pneumatic skid widia units with sanding belt suitable for the radiator side grinding, with lubrication by oscillation. These units are used for the grinding of the radiator side (the best side). Moreover, for the upper side grinding there is a sanding brush for the finishing.
For the back side connected to the belt there is n. 1 rubber roller grinding unit, with sanding belt for the radiator back side. Moreover, for the back side grinding there is a sanding brush for the finishing.

Pos. D
Automatic radiator threading machine, as follows:

  • Moving crane, it moves the radiator from a working area to another one.
  • N. 4 special units for the radiators threading and refinishing, our own product. These high- tech units have precision bearings and do not have oil neither bushings, ensuring an unlimited use.
  • Inside blow moulding unit for shavings removal.
  • Assembly unit with n. 2 starters controlled by brushless engines.
  • Niples loading and automatic seals assembly unit. This unit will assembly the seals on the niples automatically.

Pos. E
Tank unit automatic test to check the batteries seal of 3 to 14 elements radiators, the battery is immersed into the water and tested with a 24 bars pressure to check possible losses.