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    Aluminium and bimetal
    For 35 years we have been designing and making
    turnkey plants for the working of your radiators.
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SAIP remote handles directly the h24 technical assistance by its technicians, it guarantees the solution of possible problems in a short time, allowing the customer not to stop the production. All the plants have an internet connection with our assistance office, that is able to check real time the working line state all over the world.


Our plants strength is definitely the robustness and the structure, studied to be able to work h24. Every part has been improved from year to year in order to reach an excellent quality. Other strength is the cycle time that in the last years, thanks to continuous improvements, has decreased and has reached the 4.5 sec/piece.


Saip has 15 workers, in the technical department and in the production area. Moreover, Saip avails itself of the collaboration of electrical engineers, for the realisation of electrical systems, using only high range products, like Siemens, our unique engines and drives supplier.

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