Radiators Processing Plants

For more than 30 years, our company is specialised in the design and processing of complete lines for the caseback welding, grinding, threading and assembly of aluminium and bimetal radiators. Our lines allow first the caseback welding, then the grinding of the radiator head through CNC units with 2 axes (for flat and circle heads) in series, of the front and back side through 4 units for the front side and 2 units on the back side.
Once the radiator is thread, it enters the processing line of reaming and hubs threading and battery assembly (from 3 to 14 items). Once assembled, the radiators battery enters the automatic testing area, where an operator has to check the possible loss of parts. Evaluated cycle working time 4.5 seconds.

radiators processing plants

Radiators processing plants types

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radiator assembly dismantling bench

Radiator battery assembly and dismantling manual bench